Recent Adventures

Derrick Turner Trophy 2nd December 2023

Well done to the Scout Team who won this years Derrick Turner Trophy held at Sandridge Scouts. The Derek Turner Trophy last won in 2018, when we shared it with the 4th.


Remembrance Service 12th November 2023


Derek Turner Trophy: 30th November – 1st December 2019

Orla, Henry, Oliver, Zac and I were waiting to start at 6:20. We had been given all the information that we needed and had completed the kit check. We were anxious to start but excited too. We waited for the beep and quickly dashed off… in the wrong direction. With the help of the compass and the map we soon set off in the correct direction again. It was approximately a 15-minute walk to the base where explorers instructed us in our challenge. It was all about teamwork and making decisions collectively. Once complete the explorers radioed our scores back to the hut and the wrote it down on their whiteboard covered in all our scores. The next walk to base 2 was much easier as it was in a straight line so to pass the time we would each other stories. We went around the next 5 checkpoints collecting points and having fun, but we had already used half of our time up and the next half being longer, we fastened the pace. Luckily, we were able to get some energy back by having a hotdog and hot chocolate (which was very nice). After a quick ten-minute break, where we calculated our next moves and headed off to the next challenge.

After a long hike to challenge six we arrived at the activity. We nominated Oli to describe the shape of a rocket to us and we had to make it out of wooden pieces. As it got later into the night, more layers were put on and the pace slowed down. After some encouragement, we smashed it at the next challenge being the quickest and the best they had seen all night we were feeling happy. Our next difficulty we came across was arriving at our last checkpoint. We had to go through a farm! It was so scary and somehow we managed to be lost in a poor man’s back garden. After a small phone call of help, we were set back on our tracks. With 20 minutes to go we had to run and complete the challenge in record-time then sprint back to the hut to get back on the dot of our finishing time: 11 o’clock. A slightly disrupted sleep later (the sonic boom) we were at the presentation. We came 5th with joint 3rd in front so just missed being in the presentation but I had a great time. I would love to come again and as team leader I would recommend it to lots of other people too.

Emily Latto

1st St Albans Scouts