1959 to Present

In 1963 the Group had to leave the Orchard Drive HQ owing to residential development in the area. Three years of hard work ensued, led by Jack Wadley in raising money, £6000, for the new headquarters. Perhaps a sign of the times, but the amount the whole hut cost is considerably less than the improvements in 2012 cost. During these three years, the Group met at Cavalier Hall and on its completion moved into the new HQ in 1966 where the 1st still meets. This hut was later dedicated to Jack Wadley after his untimely death in 1974. Mr Wadley had been a member of the 1st since joining as a cub in 1930. The service of dedication and change of name was held at St Stephens parish church followed by the entire group marching down Watford Road with a police escort to the now renamed, Jack Wadley Hut.

In 1980, the cub team won the Maude Coleman trophy, something that has long been competed for locally. Maud Coleman was a cub leader in the 4th St Albans and took roles in Hertfordshire in the 1920, 30s and 40s. She died as the result of an accident in 1948 and the trophy is in her memory.

Since the Group has had its own HQ in Chiswell Green we have been one of the largest Groups in St. Albans, thanks to the many dedicated leaders who have been with the Group over the years. For many years, the late Bill Cavender was Venture leader, then Group Scout Leader (GSL), and carrying on the tradition, the current GSL is his son, Terry Cavender. One of Bill’s other sons, Anthony, was also a leader until his untimely death at the age of 22. The large outside flagpole was erected in his memory.

The number of sections has varied over the years. A second scout section was founded in the mid 70s, but due to falling numbers, ceased in 1997. At the time of writing, there are two cub sections, the Impala (re-started in 2015) and Impeesa, but going back in time, there has been, one, two and even three sections for a while.

2007 saw the formation of the Beaver (Riverbank) colony for the younger age group, and for the first time girls. While there is no evidence of girls in the Fox patrol, there were girl scouts in 1908, prior to the formation of the Guides. In 2014 another Beaver Woodland) colony opened

In 2008, the group celebrated 100 years since the formation. Activities included the production of a badge (a scan is on the home page) a special scarf worn by all members, and an exhibition of mementoes in the Jack Wadley hut.

To cap the celebrations a camp that saw the scouts, cubs, and the beavers all staying, assisted by members of the Verulam Explorers who meet in the hut and have close ties with the group. A whole pig was roasted at this camp, and all the attendees and their many guests partook of both the pig roast, and the following camp fire.

This page cannot do justice to the many leaders who have run the 1st St Albans over the years but the Group wouldn’t exist without them. These men and women put a lot of work into running the Beaver, Cub and Scout, and although it is a district responsibility a very close liaison exists with the Verulam Explorers. There is also a hard working committee, organising social events and raising funds for the equipment and hut maintenance.

Our aim is to prepare members for their future, offering spiritual and moral guidance along with a good dose of fun and adventure. Our activities include camping, backwoods skills, tracking, rock climbing, abseiling and many others.