New Beaver Leader urgently required

Hello all

My name is Duncan and I am currently the leader of the Woodland Beavers at the 1st St Albans (we meet at the Wadley Hut on Watford Road (AL1 2AF), between 5-6 on Friday evenings). Beavers is the branch of the scouting family that caters for the 6-7 year olds, while the 1st St Albans also offers Cubs (8-10.5) and Scouts (10.5-14).

I have decided to step down as Leader at the end of this school year and give someone else the chance to be leader. I have been Leader since the start of COVID. I took on a new role at work not long ago, and this will involve travel going forward, so cannot commit to being there every week. I will still be around and happy to help out from time to time as an Assistant Leader.

This offer the opportunity for a new chapter for the Woodland Beavers; for new Leader(s) to step up and to have the chance to lead our Beavers. It is a great role that is very rewarding, getting to see the Beavers grow and have a great time. We have done trips to observatories, hedge-hog sanctuaries and temples over the years, spend lots of time outdoors in local fields, woods and parks, and we have a fantastic camp every year where the Beavers join the Cubs and Scouts to go to a camp site (generally a different site somewhere within a 45 minutes drive of St Albans) and get to do fantastic activities like climbing, tunnelling and team games.

There is plenty of support available. The 1st St Albans has a deep group of Leaders (in the executive and looking after the other sections) and an engaged parent group who are willing to offer assistance and guidance. I will also be around to help share whatever wisdom(?) I have gathered over the years. The 1st St Albans also has a lot of resources to assist and help deliver a great program of activities and sessions for the Beavers. All the training that is required is also provided, while if you have additional interests related to Scouting that you would like to receive training on (eg hill-walking, kayaking, rifle shooting) that can also be supported.

If you would like to be involved in the new leadership team please do reach out. Obviously if you were to take on the Leadership role you would get a place for your child in the Colony (even if they are a little younger than 6 today, they could join earlier) and/or if you have older children your leadership of the Beavers would allow them access to Cubs or Scout.

If you would like to have a chat about this opportunity, please do let me know. You can get me on my email at